Really, that was just a Joke

On Saturday I posted a comment about the Detroit Tigers arguing that the team I have followed since a child needs to lose a bit more.  My argument, made in jest, was that the team with the best regular season record in baseball has only won the World Series once in the past ten years.  With the Tigers currently boasting the best record in baseball, I argued if the Tigers want to win the World Series they should try and lose just a bit more.

Since I posted that comment the Tigers have played two games and failed to score any runs.  I really had no idea I had this kind of power.  If the Tigers are reading my comments (which of course is not happening), I just have to say that it is okay to have the best record in baseball.  Ten observations can’t establish that being the best in the regular season prevents a team from winning the World Series.

I often observe people saying stuff that is funny, so I thought with my post on Saturday that I would give this a try.  Apparently – and this may not be surprising – my skills as an economist do not extend into comedy. Of course, if you caught my act in the classroom…

One final word to the Tigers: There are three games left in this series with the dreaded Yankees.  I am perfectly okay with you winning these three games.  So feel free to start hitting again.

– DJ