Taking Requests — An Update

The day after Christmas I posted a column on the Best Teams in the NBA. At the end of this column I indicated that I was willing to comment on any NBA team people wished to hear about. Surprisingly people took me up on this offer and made requests.

With yesterday’s post on the Washington Wizards I have now analyzed all the teams people have asked for (I think), except the Toronto Raptors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The analysis of the Raptors and Cavaliers is finished. Unfortunately, I have not gotten around to writing a story to go with the numbers. And since I feel obliged to tell an interesting story with the numbers, or at least something that approximates interesting, the analysis of these two teams is still sitting on my computer.

My hope is to finish these posts in a few days. As one can see HERE, when these two columns are on-line I will have commented on 21 of the league’s teams. Here is a list of the teams that I have yet to analyze.

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Denver
  • Miami
  • Milwaukee
  • New Orleans/Oklahoma City
  • Philadelphia
  • Seattle

I am not sure which of these teams should come after the Raptors and Cavaliers, so if anyone has a preference, please let me know.

By the way, I have also completed my analysis of NFL running backs. It turns out LaDainian Tomlinson is pretty good. Hopefully before I post those numbers I will have something more interesting to say.

– DJ

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