An Historic Night for California State University-Bakersfield

Superstition is a major part of sports.  If our team is successful when we sit a certain way, we keep sitting that way.  If they start losing, we stand someplace else.  Okay, maybe I am the only one who does this.

Following the theme that higher powers are regulating our sports experience, I tend to think I am only allowed so much sports happiness.  If one of my teams win, I expect another of my teams to lose.  This is why Michigan, Colorado State, Nebraska, and the Detroit Lions never seem to win football games on the same weekend.  I am not sure this is empirically true, but it seems true to me.

This morning (and it was morning on the West Coast), the Wolverines lost to the Buckeyes.  Hence my happiness was diminished. Tonight, though, I see why this loss was necessary. 

Tonight was the first home game in the history of Division I Basketball at California State University-Bakersfield.  Our opponent was Fresno State, who has had more than a bit of success in Division I.  Much to the surprise of the Bulldogs, the Cal-State Bakersfield (or Bakersfield State) Roadrunners pulled off the upset with a 65-64 victory.   Obviously this is an historic victory for Cal-State Bakersfield.  And although the Michigan game was important, I think tonight’s basketball game was of even more important.

And now we see why Michigan had to lose.  I can only have so much sports happiness. Of course the implication of this theory is that thousands of Wolverine fans are unhappy tonight so I and other Roadrunner fans could be happy.  Clearly that makes little sense.  Then again, who said this higher power stuff had to make sense?

– DJ

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