Sunday in the Deseret News

Doug Robinson of the Deseret News published a lengthy (and I naturally think, quite excellent) article on my research on Sunday: SUU economics professor uses stats to debunk conventional sports wisdom

Readers of this forum are likely familiar with all these stories.   But I wanted to note the picture that went with the story.  On the website there is a photo of Michael Jordan.  If you click on that photo you are given the option to see the second photo in the gallery.  That photo is me holding an object that can best be described as a “money ball”.  It is this picture that appeared on the front page of the Deseret News and also in the Deseret News sport page. 

I would note that this is not my office (it is my sports coat and SUU tie).  This picture is also the result of my first – and perhaps last – photo shoot.  It took the photographer some time to get me to sit correctly for the shot.  Apparently I am not smart enough to handle modeling (and perhaps a lack of smarts is not my only shortcoming in this field :) ).

– DJ

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