Kevin McHale and I Agree!

Once upon a time, Kevin McHale was a frequent topic in this forum. McHale led the Minnesota Timberwolves for more than a decade.  And as the following posts indicate, often I disagreed with McHale’s decisions.

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Today, though, I learned that McHale and I are actually in agreement.   Art Garcia – in Cash-rich teams can’t afford to come up short in free agency (posted today at– quotes two people in an article on the 2010 NBA free agent market.  And both McHale and I agree: There are going to be a number of disappointed teams this summer.

By the way, I didn’t disagree with everything McHale did in Minnesota.  Remember, it was McHale who traded O.J. Mayo for Kevin Love.  And I think that move has worked out.

– DJ

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