The Least Productive Player in the NBA Today is One of the Most Expensive

Who is the least productive player in the NBA today?  If you guessed Darko Milicic, you were close.  According the automated Wins Produced numbers from Andres Alvarez, Milicic is currently the second least productive player.  Milicic’s current Wins Produced of -0.6, and if he keeps on that pace he will produce -10.0 wins across an entire season.

Although this is not very good, it is a clearly better than the pace Amare Stoudemire is on.  After four games, Stoudemire – the prized acquisition of the Knicks this past summer – has posted a -0.272 WP48. Because he is playing many more minutes than Milicic, this level of production puts Stoudemire on pace to produced -16.7 wins.

And that production led to the following two comments today.  The first is from Italian Stallion.

Sorry to take this a million miles off topic, but I have to vent.

Amare Stoudemire can’t play basketball to save his life. He’s athletic as hell and can score when he gets a clear path to the basket or decent mid range shot, but he can’t handle, pass, or make plays at all, is mediocre as rebounder at best, and is a turnover machine.

Thanks. I feel better now.

And that to the following response from Andres Alvarez (or Dre or nerdnumbers):

First off it won’t stay that way. You guys beat a top team in the East with Amare playing like crap. Right now Conley, Rudy Gay and Melo are playing super well. It won’t last. If Randolph and Amare at least return to average (for big men) and Fields keeps playing well then you guys look in good shape. Right now your roster is actually above average on the whole! 40 wins baby. Still it does amaze me that Amare is dead last in Wins Produced right now.

Of course, the sample is quite small.  And given Amare’s career, we can fully expect he will play much better.  But for today, Amare is the least productive player in the game. 

– DJ

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