The Lions are the Greatest!!! And That’s Factorial

There is a basic axiom in economics.  If A is preferred to B, and B is preferred to C, then A is preferred to C.  Well…

The Lions played the Green Bay Packers twice this year.  The first time the Lions lost 28-26; although the Lions gained more yards (432 to 261) and committed fewer turnovers (3 to 4).  The second time, the Lions again gained more yards (286 to 258) and again committed fewer turnovers (2 to 3).  This time, though, the Lions won (7-3).  So for the season – in two games against the Packers – the Lions gained more yards, committed fewer turnovers, and scored more points.

Despite these performances, it is the Packers who have won the Super Bowl.  And the Super Bowl champion – as everyone knows – is the best team in the NFL.  But when we look at the numbers, it is clear the Lions are better than the best team in the NFL.  So if the Packers are better than everyone (except the Lions), and the Lions are better than the Packers (which seems very clear), this means – according to principle of transitivity — the Lions are the greatest!!!

Yes, when we examine all the numbers – with cutting edge analysis (and this was clearly cutting edge analysis) – the evidence is overwhelming (and yes, the evidence is overwhelming). The Lions in 2010 were the greatest!!!  And that’s factorial!!

– DJ

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