Podcast: Scrimmage 07/02/2011

“Charm is a product of the unexpected.”
-Jose Marti

Sometimes a great game happens when we expect it to. We are prepared for it. We build it up in our minds and the reality matches the hype.

Sometimes though, a few players just get together and decide to shoot the ball around and maybe, just maybe a little magic happens.

Consider that what happened today. A few of the Wages of Wins Analysts got together and talked for about an hour with a mostly unscripted plan. Throw in some unexpected background noise and you get a fun little podcast if not the most polished.

Hopefully you’ll consider those beauty marks and not warts.

The Players

  • Arturo Galletti – Nightly Editor of the Wages of Wins Network
  • Dre Alvarez – Co-Editor at the Wages of Wins Network
  • Patrick Minton – The NBA Geek and Minnesota Timberwolves Fan (Editor Arturo’s note: God bless him and keep him)
  • Mobius and Dixon – My Dogs have decided to be regulars on the show.

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Things going wrong

A few “Technical difficulties” may or may not have occurred during the show. Let’s treat these glitches as extras and see if you can catch when:

  1. Someone’s phone goes off
  2. My wife comes in the door with a treadmill
  3. My dogs escape as my wife comes in the door with a treadmill.
  4. Someone calls my wife on the phone.
  5. Skype drops Patrick.


In no particular order here are some links and notes related to our discussion



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