Getting Freaky with Sports Economics

That's not a football!

Just as a shout out our esteemed General Manager of the Wages of Wins Network – Dr. David Berri – was asked to comment on several sports related economics issues over at the Freakonomics blog and you should check it out if you haven’t already

With the NFL Lockout Just About Over, a Sports Economist Weighs In

Dave was asked to answer a few questions about sports. I’ll give you the question and the short answer and you can check out the full article to read Dave’s full answers.

  1.  Will the lockout impact consumer demand? No.
  2. How does this deal impact the returns to owners and players? The owners get a better deal. The veterans get a better deal. Those with rookie contracts get fleeced.
  3. What will free agency look like once the deal is ratified? Free agency is going be chaotic and messy.
Hope you guys enjoy the article and make sure to leave feedback at the Freakonomics blog if you like what Dave wrote!

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