Podcast – Dave Berri Talks the Lockout and More

Wages of Wins Podcast 10/2/2011 – Dave Berri hops on the Wages of Wins Podcast to discuss the NFL, the lockout and more!


  • Dave says Tony Romo has an issue in that he plays in a city that believes every year they should win a Superbowl
  • Dave explains how having a winning team is actually a curse when it comes to the Detroit Lions
  • In the Wages of Wins Dave and Martin discussed how labor stoppages don’t impact fan attendance.
  • The owners are greedy and have a sense of entitlement.
  • Dave Berri actually credits David Stern with helping the NBA become big in the 80s!
  • In 1999 the NBA had a lockout and the players caved vs. in 1995 MLB was a strike where the players won.
  • Why aren’t owners in the NBA doing more things to raise revenue? In fact their current solutions will stop revenue from rising.
  • The international popularity of the NBA has spread to Wages of Wins. Dave is huge in Russia!
  • Dave points out things like the Melo rule may not help the NBA be more profitable. In fact more player movement ala NFL and MLB could help.
  • Dave says for work stoppages that players should strike right before the playoffs and owners should lockout right before the season starts.
  • The players make money off the regular season. The owners make their money off the playoffs.
  • Dave agrees that Dwyane Wade is worth $50 Million – or at least close.
  • Dave points out that the rookies pretty much always get screwed in labor negotiations.
  • To make the playoffs more random the NBA should decrease series length BUT
  • To make the most money the NBA needs to increase the length of the playoffs.
  • Alex at Sport’s Skeptic made a great point. In the hard cap will increase NBA revenue then why should the players get a pay cut, shouldn’t they get a raise?
  • If the owners win this lockout and get more money they’ll probably keep asking for more later.

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