A Name for Those Thinking About Future NBA Drafts

Now that the lockout appears to be over, we can now stop discussing labor issues (we won’t, but we could) and start talking about player performance.  Of course, we won’t have any new NBA performances until Christmas (assuming this deal holds up).

Although the NBA believes its new deal is going to enhance balance in the league, and supposedly making those subsequent performances more compelling for everyone, it is still going to be the case that many fans will spend much of the season thinking about the 2012 draft (and for those with really bad teams to follow, the drafts in 2013 and 2014).

And with that in mind, let me toss out a name you may not have heard of yet.  Last night, Mike Moser grabbed 18 rebounds from North Carolina (the team that was supposed to be the best team in college basketball).  And this performance was not inconsistent with what Moser has done this year.  In 7 games this years, Moser has grabbed 96 rebounds, including 13 rebounds in 30 minutes against USC and 11 rebounds in 23 minutes against Nevada.  It appears – and again, it is still early – that this UNLV forward has the ability to rebound.

For those looking at the 2012 draft (or maybe the draft in 2013 or 2014), Moser – who doesn’t appear to be on the draft radar yet (I don’t see him on the major NBA draft websites yet) – might be a player to think about.  This is because – as noted in Stumbling on Wins – rebounding is one factor that does seem to translate from college to the pros.  So if Moser can grab 18 rebounds against North Carolina, maybe he can grab rebounds for an NBA team in the future.

One should not that Moser is only a sophomore.  And since he transferred to UNLV from UCLA, he has only played 280 minutes of college basketball.  So this whole post is probably very premature.  But then again, we still have a month to go before the NBA season gets started, and I wanted to take the opportunity to show that I could discuss something else besides the lockout.

– DJ