Free Agents: Centers

With the lockout hopefully coming to a close, we can once again begin discussing the NBA and players! Given this great news, we decided to make some free agent help sheets, and we’ll be starting with centers.

Which center should I get?

PlayerAge09'-11' WP4809'-11' WP per year11' WP4811' WP
Tyson Chandler290.1765.70.28512.2
Nene Hilario290.1859.70.22210.6
DeAndre Jordan230.14640.1777.6
Marc Gasol260.1357.10.1246.7
Samuel Dalembert300.18880.1465.9
Jeff Foster340.1763.70.2695.3
Kwame Brown290.0531.20.072.5
Kurt Thomas390.1263.20.1012.5
Spencer Hawes230.0040.10.0381.4
Aaron Gray260.09410.1211.3
Hamed Haddadi260.1080.40.2821
Erick Dampier360.1574.30.0510.9
Jamaal Magloire330.0870.70.2590.9
Zydrunas Ilgauskas360.0361.10.0270.6
Joel Przybilla320.22750.0330.4
Hilton Armstrong27-0.074-10.0280.3
Tony Battie350.030.40.0180.1
Theo Ratliff3800-0.116-0.2
Nenad Krstic28-0.015-0.5-0.012-0.4
Dan Gadzuric330.0120.1-0.05-0.5
Alexis Ajinca23-0.155-0.6-0.072-0.5
Francisco Elson35-0.019-0.2-0.065-0.8
Kyrylo Fesenko24-0.117-0.8-0.16-1.5
Jason Collins32-0.198-1.5-0.131-1.6
Eddy Curry28-0.517-0.3N/AN/A
Greg Oden230.2052.6N/AN/A

Great picks

  • Nene Hilario: In terms of consistency and performance, Nene is the best available center. Tack on the fact that he’s unrestricted and it’s clear he’ll have lots of suitors. He is a bit older but he should still have several good seasons left.
  • Tyson Chandler: He had a great season last year, but he’s had some injury problems in the last few seasons. He’s a restricted free agent and Cuban will probably put up a fight. The new CBA might make him easier to get loose though and he can definitely help another team.
  • DeAndre Jordan: He’s young and seemed to hit his stride last season. Any team looking for a top center with a great upside should give him a look. Of course, if the Clippers decide to be winners for once, they may just retain his services

Stay away

  • Eddy Curry: The fact that his rank last season went up by not playing is not a good sign. Some team will think he may be able to help but they will be wrong. It’s best to just pass on him.
  • Alexis Ajinca: He’s young but he’s been terrible his first several seasons. A bad center is a good way to torpedo your team (see Minnesota and Toronto) and Alexis could be that player.

Curious cases

  • Greg Oden: He’s been injury prone and has been labeled a draft bust. With that said in his limited minutes he’s been great. He’s not worth a big contract but he could be worth a look for some teams.
  • Joel Przbilla: He’s older and has had some injury problems. That said, he’s in the same boat as Oden. He’s played great in the past and could be a decent bench player for a reasonable price.

It’s great to be talking basketball again — even though I am talking about the Nuggets possibly losing their best player. Let me know if I missed any players.

Thanks to Hoopsworld for compiling the free agents position by position. Let me know of any I have missed or that have changed contract situations during the lockout.

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