In the offseason the Wages of Wins Network becomes Bulls fans

Dave’s been busy. He’ll be telling you why shortly. He was excited and passed along this message

Can we re-post this?  I think what Patrick says is great.

We told you competitive balance rherotic was bull | The NBA Geek

I’ll let you read the full article but Patrick kindly takes us down memory lane to remind us that this subject has come up a few times before

This article might take me longer than usual because it’s going to take me a while to track down all the times we brought this up.

I also had my own favorite post from yesteryday

Five Bullshit Things About David Stern’s Bullshit Veto Of The Chris Paul Trade | Deadspin

Dave has been saying paying players what they are worth ala the MLB is not a bad idea. Many view this as bad to small market teams. Deadspin actually provides a great counter point.

Once bullshit max contracts were the rule, the less appealing franchises couldn’t spend extra to attract or retain players, leaving Cleveland to compete with Miami head to head, as a destination. This encouraged stars to make decisions for more than money. If LeBron James or Chris Paul is going to get roughly the same deal wherever he goes, why not go to a city he likes where he can play basketball with talented friends and win a lot of games? Maybe you think that’s bullshit, but that’s exactly what stars are incentivized to do under the max-contract regime, which, as I say, is the real bullshit here.

I know we added a bit more profanity than normal to our links. With all the NBA’s crazy owner action in the last week though I’m not too upset with fans for swearing even a little.

I’m happy the NBA is back and great writers are writing great posts about the NBA. I’m sad the NBA is still making bad decisions but not surprised in the least.


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