Weekend Podcast: 2012 NBA Preview for the Northwest Division

Bloggers from the Wages of Wins Network previewed the NBA’s least appreciated division for the Weekend Podcast.

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Recorded: December 22, 2011 at 12:05 PM ET
Duration: 28:13
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The Northwest Division gets the least attention in the NBA. It doesn’t have the Lakers or Lob City like the Pacific; the defending champs and everyone’s favorite cinderella team like the Southwest; the reigning MVP like the Central; the history of the Celtics or the east coast bias of the Atlantic; or the Miami Heat and Dwight Howard like the Southeast.However, the Northwest Division does have the stat geeks’ favorite player, Kevin Love, and the stat geeks’ favorite team, the star-less Denver Nuggets. That’s why the Wages of Wins Network’s NBA Preview Podcast focused on the Northwest Division.

Notes: All player movement was taken from nba.com. All Wins Produced stats are from 2011.

Minnesota Timberwolves

2011 record: 17-65 (translates to 14-52 in 66-game season)

2011 wins lost: -0.3 wins (translates to -0.2)

2011 wins added: 5 wins (translates to 4)

  • NBA Draft: G Malcolm Lee, F Derrick Williams (2.7*)
  • Free Agents: None
  • Trades: F Brad Miller (2.3), G/F Robert Vaden

*Williams’ wins were estimated using Arturo Galletti’s projection of his productivity and the assumption that Rick Adelman would give him Corey Brewer’s minutes from last season.

NBA Geek’s Best Case Scenario: Ricky Rubio will be an average rookie and lead the Wolves to 28 wins.

NBA Geek’s Worst Case Scenario: Derrick Williams disappoints at small forward and the Wolves only manage 16 wins. If Kevin Love gets hurt, then they will only win 10 games.

Oklahoma City Thunder

2011 record: 55-27 (translates to 44 wins in a 66-game season)

2011 wins lost: -0.4 (translates to -0.3)

2011 wins added: 0.3 (translates to 0.2)

Shut Up & Jam’s Best Case Scenario: Thunder win 48 games, win the division and get to the Finals.

Shut Up & Jam’s Worst Case Scenario: Injuries to Kendrick Perkins and Nazr Mohammed would be trouble for the regular season and a 1st round playoff exit would be trouble for the post-season.

Portland Trail Blazers

2011 record: 48-34 (translates to 39 wins in 66-game season)

2011 wins lost: 14.5 (translates to 11.7)

2011 wins added: 13.1 (translates to 10.5)

Shut Up & Jam’s Best Case Scenario: Marcus Camby and the rest of the big men stay healthy, the Blazers win 40 games and advance in the playoffs.

NBA Geek’s Worst Case Scenario: 9th in the West with a crappy lottery pick leads to rebuilding (Editor’s Note: Paul Allen said he would have to consider selling the team if they had to rebuild again).

Denver Nuggets

2011 record: 50-32 (translates to 40-26 in 66-game season)

2011 wins lost: 20.4 (translates to 16.4)

2011 wins added: 20.7 (translates to 16.7)

*Faried’s wins were estimated using Arturo Galletti’s projection of his productivity and assumed George Karl will give him Kenyon Martin’s minutes per game from last season for all 66 games.

Dre’s Best Case Scenario: Faried is a beast, Ty Lawson or Danilo Gallinari become a star and Nuggets win 40+ games, the division, #1 seed in the Western Conference and a trip to the Finals.

Dre’s Worst Case Scenario: Nuggets finish as the 4th or 5th seed with a 1st round playoff exit.

Utah Jazz

2011 record: 39-43 (translates to 31 wins in 66-game season)

2011 wins lost: -1.7 (translates to -1.4)

2011 wins added: 2.5 (translates to 2.0)

Dre’s Best Case Scenario: Derrick Favors is a force on the block and secures the Jazz a middle-to-low playoff seed.

Dre’s Worst Case Scenario: Jazz fall out of playoff contention and the franchise is eventually forced to move.

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