Awesome NBA links

With the season in full swing there’s actually been some pretty cool basketball related blog posts.

Mosi Platt(@MIA_Heat_Index) over at the Miami Heat Index has been keeping busy.

wiLQ(@Exploring_NBA) over at Weakside Awareness has had some real gems including

Patrick Minton(@nbageek) over at the NBA Geek has been on an absolute tear.

Jamie Vann Struth(@JamieVannStruth) over at Raining Buckets has forecasted the 2011-2012 season. Of course Jamie admits there are many things out of his control with his predictions and as such we shouldn’t think of them as written in stone. However there are some cool takeaways based on how the lines currently stand:
  • People are sleeping on Denver and the Clippers. Jamie has them finishing in the top 3 out west.
  • The Hornets will miss Chris Paul and their new young players will not even come close to making up for it.
  • Dallas is nowhere near the contender people are making them out to be. Jamie has them missing the playoffs!

Ben Gulker(@brgulker) at Pistons by the Numbers is back! Sadly the news isn’t happy — it’s insanity to think Pistons will win even 30 games.

In case you missed this: Ian Levy(@HickoryHigh) over at Hickory High compiled a holiday wish list of pretty much every NBA blogger on the net!

If your team is still scrambling to make a move Arturo Galletti(@ArturoGalletti) has a complete breakdown of the NBA Free Agents

Enjoy! And as much time as our talented staff puts into combing the web for awesome basketball content, we have no hope of reading it all. If you see a cool link or post you think we should mention feel free to shout it out in the comments.