Weekend Podcast: Lakers vs. Celtics, Authenticity of Superstars and Dwight Howard Trade Machine

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The Weekend Podcast finally returns from the NBA lockout! David Berri and the Miami Heat Index discussed comparisons of Paul Pierce vs. Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant vs. Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley’s comment on “fake superstars” and the best teams for Dwight Howard to win a title.

The podcast is available from the Miami Heat Index blog.


  • Lakers vs. Celtics: How does Paul Pierce compare to Larry Bird in terms of Wins Produced? How does Kobe Bryant compare to Magic Johnson in terms of Wins Produced?
  • Authenticity of Superstars: NBA superstars are typically identified by their scoring but Charles Barkley said there are only six great players in the league. Which scorers selected for the All-Star team by the fans and the coaches actually produce like superstars?
  • Superman Trade Machine: Will the NBA’s new revenue-sharing plan enable small market teams like the Thunder or the Nuggets to compete for Howard’s services? Which teams should trade for Dwight Howard to ensure they can compete with the elite for the title?