Ball Hogs, Long Meetings, and More on Jeremy Lin

My latest for Freakonomics – Ball Hogs and Long Meetings – allows me to express my general dislike of meetings (a sentiment — as my colleagues at Southern Utah University know — I express at every meeting I attend).

In addition to expressing my dislike of meetings, my post also illustrates the consequences of failing to measure performance accurately.  My intent was to illustrate that this issue goes beyond sports.

Beyond my post at Freakonomics, I also wanted to note the latest from Patrick Minton.  Patrick’s work can be thought of as a companion piece to what Greg Steele posted on Jeremy Lin (and both are well worth reading).

My next post at Freakonomics might be on Jeremy Lin.   At least, if I can find something to say beyond what Greg and Patrick said, my next post might be on Linsanity.

– DJ

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