I’m debating trademarking that! (Kidding! But an obvious dig at this.) I’d like to say I’m sick of Jeremy Lin but I can’t. I enjoy writing about him and I have a few fun comparisons to make using some big names.

Jeremy Lin vs. Michael Jordan

The real breakthrough game for Jeremy Lin for me was his third start. Here’s a reminder of his stats:

  • 38:34 Minutes Played
  • 38 Points (66% true shooting)
  • 11-19 Two Pointers (58%)
  • 2-4 Three Pointers (50%)
  • 10-13 Free Throws (77%)
  • 7 Assists
  • 3 Steals
  • 6 Turnovers
  • 1 Offensive Rebound, 3 Defensive Rebounds

Now here is Michael Jordan’s third start (Thanks to Basketball-Reference! Sadly only offensive stats are available):

  • 37 Points (62% true shooting)
  • 13-24 Two Pointers (54%)
  • 11-13 Free Throws (85%)
  • 5 Assists

Yes I know it’s a small sample size and a silly comparison but it is still freaking cool! It’s also remarkable that in 1984-1985 Milwaukee was actually a good team! Michael Jordan’s break out performance on an otherwise mediocre Bulls was remarkable. Likewise Lin’s breakout performance against a top team in the Lakers is also remarkable.

Jeremy Lin vs. Dirk Nowitzki

Google Trends are pretty awesome (thanks to @Hoopisms for leading me down this route). They let us see how the internet responds to various events. For instance I decided to compare Dirk Nowitzki and Jeremy Lin over the last twelve months.

The red line is Dirk and the blue line is Lin. The top chart is the number of searches for each player and Google nicely shows us  what events relate to the spike. When Dirk won the finals MVP in June he got a nice spike. However, this was less than half the spike Lin got when his outstanding performance contributed to a win over the Lakers. Right now Lin winning is more interesting to internet surfers than Dirk finally winning a title.

Lin vs. Dave Berri

This last comparison is silly at best but still fun. Jeremy Lin happened to get his degree in economics. It also turns out his listed height is 6 feet 3 inches. Another amazing coincidence is that the General Manager of the Wages of Wins Network happens to have gotten his degrees in economics and is also 6 feet 3 inches tall. Both also focus on productive and economic basketball albeit in different ways. When it comes down to comparing Lin to other greats (Dirk, MJ, David Berri….ok two out of three) he is coming out very favorably, at least so far!