Evaluating Talent in the NFL and NBA is Different

Jeremy Lin has certainly captured people’s attention.  And this attention has led people to wonder about how talent is evaluated in professional sports.  Recently, both Stephen Dubner in the Freakonomics forum and Jonah Lehrer at Wired Science took essentially the same approach. Each writer began talking about Lin. But then they moved on to a discussion of talent evaluation in the NFL.

When I saw each story I felt inspired to write something.  Unfortunately, I might have been too inspired.  Across the past week or so I offered two posts in the Freakonomics forum.

Talent Evaluation is Different in the NFL and NBA

Why Did the NBA Miss On Jeremy Lin?

Each post is a bit long.  But hopefully each is worth your time.  And if you invest that time, hopefully you will see – as is argued in Stumbling on Wins – that talent evaluation in the NFL and NBA is not quite the same.

– DJ