A tale from Sloan: Meeting Masai

I need a hair cut.

Sloan is amazing. The thrill others feel when they get to meet their sports heroes is the same feeling I’m here. I just got to meet the GM of the Denver Nuggets!

“Thank you so much for the Melo trade!” I explained right after introducing myself. “Be careful that guy is from New York” says Masai gesturing to the person sitting by him. I pause for a second before realizing I have no need to worry about my next comment. “Whoever is in charge of your drafting you should give a raise. Whoever’s in charge of your trades you should fire….well call the Nuggets first.” They say I have a fair point. I tell Masai that if Birdman is on the trading block it’s a mistake. Masai says he does what he can. I tell Masai he should play Faried more. He jokingly offers to give me George Karl’s number and I can tell him myself. I walk away happily to brag to Twitter. Of course, @Mrs_NBA doesn’t believe me. I get to play the crazy fan and go back and ask for a picture. Masai is happy to oblige.

Sloan is freaking awesome!


p.s. This may also be the first time I’ve felt performance anxiety while blogging as Masai is actually sitting a few rows back from me as we speak!

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