Trade deadline thoughts, individual defense and Fat Lever

I know with March Madness going on that the NBA may not be on everyone’s mind. For those of us that thought UNLV and Wichita State could make it far our bracket hopes are already dashed. I had a few thoughts and links to pass along that I thought you’d enjoy.

Trade deadline thoughts

Houston and New Jersey fleeces a despondent Portland


Is it just me, or did the Rockets come out big winners? They got Camby for the expensive expiring contracts that they weren’t even using(Flynn and Thabeet), and got a first-rounder for taking Fisher’s contract while unloading Jordan Hill‘s nearly 3 million dollar contract. Looks to me like they traded three players they weren’t using and a future second-rounder for a star big man, a scrub point guard, and a first round pick.


To me, this is how you “go for it” in the short term – by signing Samuel Dalembert to a short-term contract and renting Marcus Camby for half a season. Teams usually tend to make foolish moves in an attempt to “win now,” but this is one instance in which a team got it right by signing productive (albeit expensive) older big men to contracts that allow the team to use them and then get rid of them when they’re no longer useful.


The Camby trade is A+++. Though, Houston now has the same problem Minnesota has: all its good players take minutes from each other.  Hard to get Pekovic, Derrick Williams and Love on the floor at the same time (and when you do, at least one is out of position). The Same is true with Houston now with Camby and Dalembert and Budinger and Parsons. I don’t know, maybe you could get Camby to play PF? Doubtful but worth a try maybe


Nets are now great at two positions (PF and SF) and maybe great at another, if Deron Williams returns to form. And they gave up next to nothing!


The Spurs lose a trade?

What the hell? Was that just a way of knocking off a year of Jefferson’s deal (Jackson’s is 2 years, Jefferson’s is 3 years).
It’s possible that Pop won’t ever play Jax.  He has Kawhi at SF, Green can probably play SG and SF.  Purely a money saving move. Seems stupid to me that they shipped a first out with RJ though.  When I first heard it I was sure it was the other way around.
First bad move I have seen the Spurs make in a while.

The Lakers finally get a point guard

Lakers getting Sessions is a good upgrade at PG (finally!). Getting rid of Walton, Kapono, and Fisher is the icing on the cake.
Personally, I think Jordan Hill had potential (no idea why he never got minutes) and is worth more than the late pick they are getting.  So even if Fisher never plays, they took on more money and traded a bird-in-hand. And, likely, Fisher will get minutes until Lowry gets back. And Fisher is an opportunity for McHale to make mistakes when Lowry returns. So, meh.

Toronto gives Indiana a “gift”

Raptors finally got something for Barbosa! Cash and a second round pick is better than nothing.
I think the pick was about as much as Toronto could really expect to
get for Barbosa. At least his contract is off the books.

Clippers and Washington bet on Yay! Points

Clippers picking up Nick Young is a recipe for disaster.
The Nuggets were the only team who won in the DEN/WAS/LAC trade.Washington traded McGee at 24 for McGee at 29, and gave away Nick Young (who has more market value than actual value) … Huh? Clearly,this is how Washington got into this mess in the first place.

A good point on team defense

Mosi (@MIA_Heat_Index) from the Miami Heat Index was kind enough to pass along this great link:

A comment we run into often is that boxscore stats are not enough because individual defense can never be properly assessed. That’s why players like Bruce Bowen are given so much credit. We’ve discussed defense before. Wins Produced for instance gives a player credit for their individual defensive stats and treats the rest of defense as a team activity. Couper Moorhead makes the point that this is true. Defense in the NBA is not often  a one on one activity. In fact, a team trying to have a player take Derrick Rose one on one is a bad strategy. As Mosi pointed out “LeBron’s D is great but it’s a team game”

Fat Lever was great

The NBA Mistress (@NBAMistress) gave a great profile of on all-time great.

NBA History Profile: Denver’s Mini Magic- Fat Lever

Let’s not forget that Fat was ONLY 6’3” but could rebound like he was 6’8”. Think about the premier point guard of today, Chris Paul, how often is he snagging 9 rebounds per game for an entire season?? This is the greatness that is Fat Lever, he was this beautiful, well-constructed,  all-around NBA player, something that is a scarcity in the NBA of his size and position.

Comparing Fat Lever to Magic Johnson, the “God of Advanced Stats” was just icing on the cake. This post goes well with other fine tributes to Fat Lever:

If your brackets are also dashed I hope these thoughts and links help out your weekend.



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