Podcast: Kenneth Faried is better than Kyrie Irving! (Maybe)

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Myself and Patrick Minton get together to talk Kenneth Faried. Greg Steele tried his best to join us but unfortunately technical difficulties kept that from happening.

Here are some helpful links to accentuate the podcast experience:

At the NBA Geek Patrick has an open letter to George Karl. The thesis is that Faried is great:

What the hell is your problem? Looking at these numbers, I really (REALLY) want to know which of them you don’t like. Is it the fact that he’s not a scoring threat? Oh wait, snap, he scores more than an average PF. Is it the turnovers? Oh wait, he rarely does that. Is it the bad shots? Oh, wait, he’s 9th in the league in FG% among guys with > 400 minutes. Maybe he’s not very good at getting to the…HOLY HELL THAT’S A LOT OF FREE THROWS. Is it the rebounding? Hahahahaha just kidding.

Patrick also crack George Karl’s decision making process and states it is oddly familiar to Kevin Love a mere season ago with Rambis.

Sadly, Karl did not play Faried more after Patrick asked him to, (To be fair, Faried had a bad game)

The Nuggets choice at power forwards go: Great, average and out of position and terrible. Which do you think George Karl picks?

Sadly we had technical difficulties and couldn’t get Greg’s audio but here were his points:

  • Greg has been attempting to grab Kenneth Faried frowam Arturo in the Win Score Fantasy League.
  • Greg defends George Karl saying playing rookies a lot is against conventional wisdom.
  • Greg points out that Faried is good at stuff other than rebounding.
  • Finally, Greg reminds us that a lot of bigs “creating shots” is a function of other players giving them the ball.

Patrick and Greg disagree with me but I think hearing about a Fantasy League using Win Score could be fun!

Gallinari and Faried playing together is a thing of beauty. This play would never have happened with Melo.

An odd bias that James has uncovered with his NBA draft analysis is height!

Once again, defense is a team activity!

Teams have some funny self fulfilling prophecies in their logic. For example: “We can’t play Faried because he’s young and might play bad. As such, let’s play a bad player instead.”

The great great Twitter/bloggers for the Denver Nuggets are a far better source news than local media. As far as the local media is concerned, it’s 99% Peyton Manning , 1% Rockies spring training. (Shout outs to @denverstiffs, @NBAMistress@RoundballMiner and @Smooth_Operatah)

I haven’t gotten the time to check, but I’m sure Dennis Rodman and Ben Wallace are the only players that put up numbers like Faried has while also being as limited in their time on the court.

Interesting debate for rookie of the year: Kawhi Leonard is pretty much the runaway candidate right now. Ricky Rubio is obviously out of the running. Kyrie Irving has been playing great and has lots of potential. Faried has been great but is it a hot streak? (500 minutes can make Al Harrington look like a decent player) Irving seems to have the most potential. Who wins?

Yay Points! and Potential do seem to dictate Rookie of the Year voting, so we can accept Faried won’t win it via the voters.

To remind you, Irving is having a better rookie season than LeBron.

Patricks says he’d draft Irving, Rubio, Leonard and Faried if he could do the drat over from scratch. I think he sells Gustavo Ayon short.

In his preview of the Denver Nuggets, Patrick said it was all about not playing Harrington. We’re still waiting.

We all agree the Nene trade was great.


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