Wages of Wins Contest: Predict the future and win a t-shirt

You may not know this but we’re big fans of web comics around here. One of our favorite comics is BounceX3, in large part because it includes:

Recently, BounceX3 has added some awesome T-Shirts and a few contests for you to win one. See here for complete details.

It was a contest that got me involved in the Wages of Wins Network. In fact, the tools at Nerd Numbers all started as an attempt to win a free signed book. I definitely enjoyed the contest, even though I lost, so now I’d like to do another one and the shirts at BounceX3 are a perfect prize! So here’s the deal:

There is a month left in the season. You have a shot at winning a free BounceX3 T-shirt. All you need to do is guess which player will have the best game in the remaining games according to Wins Produced. Just supply a player and the date/game you think they’ll play great in. The person that guesses the best single game performance wins! Leave your guess in the comments, tweet it to @NerdNumbers or e-mail it to dre@nerdnumbers.com (put T-Shirt Contest in the subject please)

I’ll try and get a page up with the guesses. Until then, you can keep track of how your player has been doing at NerdNumbers.com/splits. The only rules are:

  • Any guesses must come before the game you guess (seems obvious but I figured I’d throw it out there)
  • First guess for a player/date combo wins for that guess. There are no ties!
  • I’ll ship to continental U.S., if you live outside of that we can discuss shipping but I might not be able to ship it to you.

Finally, J.O (@BounceX3) was excited about the contest and his only request was to get the first guess. If he wins, he’ll decide what to do with the shirt. He’s said he’ll probably give it to second place, but heck if I were in his shoes I’d just keep it for myself. His pick is

  • Rajon Rondo on April 26th (the last day of the season!) against the Milwaukee Bucks

Think you can top that? Submit your picks and good luck!


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