Contest updates and Dave tanks on the radio

Dave discusses tanking with Portland

Dave was on 1080 the Fan in Portland the other day to discuss tanking in the NBA. He rehashed his article from Freakonomics: You Don’t need to be Bad to be Good in the NBA

Basically the treadmill of mediocrity is a pretty sweet place to be, and Portland didn’t help themselves by leaving it. I’d like to highlight two points:

The interviewer asked Dave how a team like Portland could expect to attract good players when competing with other franchises without something like the draft. While this may be a valid point, a bigger question is if it’s true then why would Portland give away good players (Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby) if they’re so hard to come by.

The interviewer was still skeptical at the end of the interview. I want to stress that Dave is not simply saying theories as given by ominous “economists” Dave is stating the facts. If we look at teams that contended over the last 35 years, very few came from teams that were tanking. Far more came from “mediocre teams”. To reiterate: this is not a theory! It’s how the league has been for 35 years! Yes you can think of one or two franchises that buck the trend. That’s fine, crazy stuff happens. The exception does not make the rule.

Contest Update

One top player is missing from guesses, hint hint

We’ve gotten some great responses so far to the BounceX3 t-shirt contest. I figured I’d give a quick update as to which guesses have been taken:

  • Andre Iguodala on April 4th at Toronto – @SmokeyQRivers
  • Chris Paul on March 28th vs. Phoenix – Paul M.
  • Chris Paul on April 12th at Minnesota – Willy
  • Dwight Howard on April 9th vs. Detroit – @shut_up_and_jam
  • Dwight Howard on April 15th at Cleveland – Kram S.
  • Goran Dragic on April 8th at Houston – Calvin H.
  • Kevin Durant on March 29th at L.A. Lakers – Andy B.
  • Kevin Love on March 28th at Charlotte – @ArturoGalletti
  • Kevin Love on April 7th at New Orleans – Dane M.
  • Kevin Love on April 9th vs. Phoenix – Alex K.
  • Kobe Bryant on April 1st vs. Golden State – Lindsey D.
  • LeBron James on March 29th vs. Dallas – @TheToneyLife
  • LeBron James on March 30th at Toronto – Greg S.
  • LeBron James on April 13th vs. Charlotte – @JeBritton
  • LeBron James on April 15th at New York – Tom S.
  • LeBron James on April 16th at New Jersey – Matt A.
  • Rajon Rondo on April 26th vs. Milwaukee – @BounceX3

Kevin Love and LeBron James are pretty popular. Charlotte is also pretty popular as a punching bag. I’ll try and keep scores updated as they happend. You can keep sending in guesses until the last night of the season. Good luck and I am loving the guesses so far.



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