Dwight Howard asks Orlando management to bark like a dog.

Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Lie found a nice Orlando story that says Dwight Howard wants Orlando Magic to let go of Stan Van Gundy if he is going to commit to the team. Recently the Magic and Dwight have been in a power struggle, with the Magic threatening to move Dwight if he didn’t commit. Dwight’s response was to not really commit and then mess with the Magic. When I read this piece it reminded me of a great scene in Coming to America:

This is clearly an example of a power struggle between the Magic and Dwight. Frankly, I do believe the Magic are dumb enough to trade a top big for a bad return. That said when we break it down, which of these two statements sounds more realistic?

Dwight Howard: “If the Magic don’t do what I want, I’ll just find another team to sign me to a max deal.

Orlando Magic: “If Dwight doesn’t do what we want, we’ll just find another top center in the league to sign to a max deal.”

I will agree that smart franchises find ways to keep stars, surround them with good talent, which leads to wining, and also to ignore bad advice from the star. In this case though, I’m curious if the Magic would lose anything agreeing with Dwight. Coaches don’t do much in terms of player growth and Van Gundy does very little in proper minute allocation. The Magic can keep up the staring contest with Dwight, which they will lose either way. Either they’ll cave to Dwight to keep him or they won’t cave and they lose Dwight. My advice, is to give Dwight this one. It won’t improve the team in terms of wins, but it might help keep them a star.



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