What’s been the game of the year?

We’ve had some great guesses for the Wages of Wins Network Predict the Future win a BounceX3 T-Shirt contest. There’s still plenty of time to enter and dethrone the current leader – our own Arturo Galletti. Many of our guesses have been that great players that will beat up bad teams. It turns out had someone picked LeBron James vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight (April 4th) they’d be largely in the lead. With that I decided it would be fun to vote on game of the season so far. I set up some criteria:

  1. It had to be a great game (duh) In this case I picked in top 50 (all players) for the season.
  2. It had to be against a great team.
  3. Bonus points were given for rivalry.

Here are the games I came up with (listed oldest to newest):

I’m using the Points version of Wins Produced – Points over Par. Put simply it’s the number of points a player gains their team in a game and it ties directly to the points margin. E.g. if a team wins by 5 points and your player gets a PoP of +2, then 2 of those points were from him.

LeBron James starts the season with a statement

On December 25th LeBron James put up a +14.6 PoP to open the season against Dallas. A statement game if ever there was one against the team that bested him in last year’s finals.

Impressive stats:

  • 37 Points on 67.6% True Shooting
  • 10 Rebounds, 3 Offensive
  • 6 Assists
  • 2 Steals and 2 Blocks

Derrick Rose makes a case for top guard

In his first matchup against the reigning best point guard  in the league, Rose came out with a major game. He put up a +14.1 PoP game on December 30th on the Clippers home turf no less.

Impressive stats

  • 29 Points on 77.0% True Shooting
  • 8 Rebounds, 3 Offensive
  • 16 Assists

Dwight Howard cools down the Heat

In a battle of the Southeast division Dwight Howard shut down the Heat single-handedly. He put up a +14.6 PoP in a home win versus the Miami Heat on February 8th.

Impressive Stats

  • 25 Points on 67.9% True Shooting
  • 24 Rebounds, 7 Offensive
  • 4 Assists
  • 3 Steals, 2 Blocks

Chris Paul takes down the Spurs

Nothing seems to stop the Spurs from being a top team. Despite age to Tim Duncan and injuries to Manu Ginobili the Spurs are still contending. That didn’t stop Chris Paul from putting up a +16.5 PoP on the the 9th of March on the Spurs home court.

Impressive stats

  • 36 Points on 75.1% True Shooting
  • 11 Assists
  • 4 Steals

LeBron takes an early lead in the Finals MVP vote

In a matchup between the favorites to make the finals, us fans got everything we could ask for. That included an amazing performance out of LeBron James that put the Heat in front of the Thunder on April 4th with a +15.1 PoP performance.

Impressive stats

  • 34 Points 66.1% True Shooting
  • 7 Rebounds, 1 Offensive
  • 10 Assists
  • 4 Steals

 What do you think?

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