Which NBA team has the worst management?

We've tried being good. Let's try being terrible.

We’re more than a little critical of NBA management around here. In fact this season we decided to make an award for the Worst Management in the NBA. Understand that we consider this a team effort. That means bad transactions, bad coaching and bad PR all factor in. We’re still trying to decide who will take the award this year. That said I thought I’d give a rundown of how the race is looking. In no particular order:

The Portland Trail Blazers

In the offseason they signed a terrible Jamal Crawford and an ancient Kurt Thomas. They traded away Marcus Camby for essentially a second rounder. They traded away Gerald Wallace for essentially a future first rounder. They did this all in the middle of a playoff race. Paul Allen appears to have lost his mind.

The New Orleans Hornets

It’s appropriate that after the lockout that the NBA is up for grabs for the worst management. After a lockout that promised stars would be fine to stay in small markets, the NBA traded off Chris Paul for not much. Of course, this was after vetoing a decent deal. Part of their bad trade was a terrible Chris Kaman, who has been getting minutes. As a result the NBA has taken a team that made the playoffs and gave the Lakers a run and turned it into the worst team in the West. Showing how bad owners are at rating value this has upped the Hornets sale price by $38 million.

The Sacramento Kings

Isaiah Thomas was not a terrible pick. Letting Samuel Dalembert go was not a terrible thing given his age. Hoping DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans would finally show some life wasn’t bad either. In fact, while this team is terrible, they haven’t done anywhere near as bad as our others — for the most part. So why are they here? Two words: The Maloofs. They’ve jerked around the city of Sacramento and gotten the new stadium they wanted (at a cost to people who don’t even like sports). Of course, then they said just kidding. Easily one of the worst ownerships in the NBA.

Your thoughts?

Who do you think deserves worst management of the year? We were more than a little sad when the defending champions managed to overcome the drama with Dwight Howard and get him to re-up for a year (signing an MVP caliber player kind of puts you out of the running for this award) We’re still pretty happy with some of the terrible owners we’ve seen this season but please let us know if we’ve missed anyone.


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