The 2012 Season in Review

I’ve been prepping like a madman recently.

Why you may ask? Because the playoffs are coming and I’ve got a track record to defend.

Last Year I picked the playoffs and I picked them very well. My final record was 12-3 for picks. Add in our success with the draft and some very nice work with the NCAA tournament and you our bar has been set pretty high.

This post however is not really about looking forward rather it is about looking back at the recent past. As I said, I’ve been prepping and I’m a very visual person.

I can feel a very cool infograph coming. Like so:

As I’ve said, I’ve been prepping. Let’s walk everyone thru the graph above. In it you can see every player for every team ordered by team and by minute played in the last month. Players also have their Points over Par per 48 minutes listed. I’ve also taken the time to highlight the top 6 for every team in the last month (because the top 6 is very important) in dark blue and any players that have slipped from that top 6 (be it thru injury,illness or trade). Finally, I’ve also called out player levels (>+5 Superstar,>+2.5 Star,>+0 Starter, >-2.5 Bench, Everybody else is a Scrub).

I find it a very revealing picture.

As to just what it reveals about the playoffs?

You’ll just have to wait for a bit.



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