Advanced Box Scores for the 2012 Playoffs (5/1/2012): The Missing Pieces

“The graveyards are full of indispensable men” – Charles De Gaulle

Something was missing tonight.

Better yet, Someones..

Be it due to a regrettable injury (Rose) , a moment of insanity (Rondo) or a relunctance to play centers or an actual shortened playoff rotation (Oh George you rebel!), something was different in tonight’s pivotal game 2.

Let’s get to the boxscores and recaps.

A few quick notes before we go:

  1. We start with the Original flavor Wins Produced. Please be adviced that this will change soon.
  2. The Boxscore contains:
  • Basic information: Player , Team, Game ID (Who,what and when)
  • Classic Stats:Points ,Shots, Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds,Steals,Blocks, Assists (Because the classics are classics for a reason).
  • Simple spins on classics: % of Team Minutes (player minutes as % of total minutes available), Position (average player position)
  • Posession and Play stats:Offensive Plays : Field Goal attempts + .434 Free Throw Attempts + Turnovers, Usage of Offensive Plays : % of Offensive plays used by player when in the game
  • All the classic Offensive Efficiency stats (and some slightly modded ones):Effective Field Goal %=(FG + 0.5 * 3P) / FGA,True Shooting %=Pts / (2 * (FGA + 0.44 * FTA), Points per Shot = Pts/FGA, Points per Offensive Play= Pts/Offensive Plays
  • Do it Yourself Offensive Point Margin Stats:Offensive Point Margin: this is the marginal value created by the player per offensive play spent. The calculation is: OPM = (Points per Play for Player- Avg Points per play for Player for League)*Offensive Plays for Player.Defensive Point Margin: this is the marginal value surrendered by the player per offensive play spent. The calculation is:DPM = (Points per Play for Opponent- Avg Points per play for Player for League)*Offensive Plays for Opponent. I’m doing this one by position averages per game.Combined Margin: this is just OPM-DPM
  • Rebounding Rates: % of Rebounds on Offense, % of Rebounds on Defense.
  • The Classic Wins Produced stats (explained here) and my own opponent adjusted Wins Produced Stats (explained here). The difference? Classic assumes the opposing player is average. Opponent adjusted goes out and checks by position.
  • Points over Par. This is our points version of Wins Produced that tell you the direct effect of a player’s production on the games point margin.

Oh and by request all tables are now sorted by Points over Par per game.

Hawks- Celtics #2

The Celtics had been uncommonly cold from the field and the Hawks uncommonly hot, Regression to the mean beat the Hawks to the ground. Avery Bradley continued his second half surge and The Truth helped carry the day.

Sometimes a picture says it all.

The Truth Tebows

No Rondo or Allen, at home and the Hawks still find a way to lose. bye bye Homecourt.

Bulls-Sixers #2

The best player on the court was the best player from both teams for the season : Joakim Noah. Sadly for the Bulls energetic center the abscence of his partner in crime was deeply felt as the rest of the Bulls did not show up and the Sixers guards (Holiday and Williams) went off. Lavoy Allen surprised as well putting up some numbers in limited time.

This will be a long series. Who could have guessed?

Lakers- Nuggets #2

The Lakers big three had a spectacular night. Bynum particularly continued his dominance. The big problem for the Nuggets is that their best players for this night (Brewer, Faried and McGee) played limited minutes. Faried had a tough few minutes at the end but his impact was still net positive.

Here’s a little ditty I wrote last year after I got burned by picking the Nuggets. Here’s a fun rotation comparison.

What exactly was George Karl Thinking? By not shortening his rotation, Karl basically handicaps his own teams. This may be why the “underrated” George Karl is staring at 1-7 in Denver in the first round.

This will probably continue to be the most memorable George Karl and the Nuggets moment in Round 1

I need a palate cleanser. Luckily as a final surprise, Nerd Numbers now has playoff numbers for you.


P.S. The first post has links to all the boxscores for the playoffs

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