The Wages of Wins gives out the most important award of the season.


The NBA has slowly started releasing the awards of the season. I know everyone was waiting with baited breath to find out Tyson Chandler would win Defensive Player of the Year. I know Gregg Popovich shocked the world taking home coach of the year. Now it’s time for the most important award. The winner of the Wages of Wins Network Predict the Future and Win a BounceX3 T-Shirt is…..:

Matt Bailey (@Hoopisms) from Hoopism with his pick of Kenneth Faried on April 9th vs. the Golden State Warriors

Matt Bailey has been a friend of both the Wages of Wins Network and BounceX3 for a while. When Matt picked Kenneth Faried, our own Arturo Galletti (who was in first at the time) laughed and said Karl would never give Faried the minutes to let Matt win the contest. Arturo was right, Faried didn’t care and in a mere 24 minutes of play he managed to put up one of the best games of the season. For fun here’s a quick rundown of how our top guessers did (Full results here if you’re interested):

1st place: Matt Bailey with Kenneth Faried on April 9th vs. the Golden State Warriors

  • +14.7 PoP
  • Impressive Stats: 27 PTS (70.0%) 17 TRB (7 ORB) 2 STL 24 MP

If there has been a poster child of the Wages of Wins Network this season it has been Kenneth Faried. We sponsored him the second he became available on Basketball-Reference. Putting up such an insane performance on limited minutes actually wasn’t as outlandish of a guess as you would think. Of course, this pick seemed next to ludicrous a few days before the game. Matt wasn’t scared though.

2nd place: Matt A. with Chris Paul on April 22nd vs. the New Orleans Hornets

  • +15.0 PoP
  • 33 PTS (62.5% TS) 13 AST 8 STL

We gave people a chance at a second guess. Matt’s first guess was pretty strong (+9.8 from LeBron James) To win the contest with a second guess I put the impossible standard of beating the current first place winner outright by +1.0 PoP. Matt game up just short. If Chris Paul had just been able to shoot threes at his normal rate Matt would have had this. That said, Matt shows his prediction abilities are uncannily good to say the least.

3rd place: @jdguy with Kevin Durant on April 20th vs. the Sacramento Kings

  • +12.2 PoP
  • 29 PTS (74.7% TS) 14 TRB (1 ORB) 7 AST 1 STL

jdguy had been burned by his first guess with Kevin Durant, who played quite poorly on April 13th against the Kings. He rightly predicted Kevin Durant would correct this and he did with an amazing performance in a rematch. It wasn’t quite enough to win, but it was certainly an impressive guess.

Consolation: J.O. with Rajon Rondo on April 26th vs. the Milwaukee Bucks

  • +11.7 PoP
  • 15 AST 4STL 1 TOV 0 PTS

The creator of BounceX3 got the first guess in the contest and he picked the game furthest out in the future. He rightly predicted Rondo would come out swinging. What makes this guess truly amazing is that Rondo did this scoring NO POINTS! I may have to nominate this as the Wages of the Wins game of the year. Had he won J.O. said he’d likely have given the prize to 2nd place, so from the purpose of props this guess still served its purpose.

Summing up

This contest was a ton of fun and maybe I’ll try and put on another next year. If you missed out, don’t worry you can still buy BounceX3 t-shirts and just tell your friends you won!


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