Kevin Durant profits from his teammates inability to get open.

Dave Berri has posted his most recent piece over at Freakonomics:

Kevin Durant Impersonates Russell Westbrook for Sprint

Kevin Durant is actually a very impressive scorer. He is on a team though with two players on very different ends of the spectrum. James Harden is a highly efficient shooter. Russell Westbrook like to shoot a lot. Dave recounts a story Durant uses in a Sprint commercial. In his tale Durant takes a bad shot, but it’s not his fault as nobody was open. Despite some claims in the comment section about how this is a very likely scenario, it’s a bit iffy. After all, if you are double teamed that typically means someone is open. And in the NBA even the worst scorer can score when they are wide open.

Dave has a different theory. In the NBA points are a primary driver in what gets you paid. Players know this and thus it can pay to be selfish. On the other hand, this directly competes with the idea of team ball. Thus, a perfect compromise is if you are forced to shoot because it is not possible to play team ball. Perhaps the play we observe out of some star players is not in fact them being selfish. Rather it is them trying to be a team player but unfortunately they are unable to. Or maybe that’s just a story they use to get paid. I’ll let you decide using Durant’s explanation (brought to you by Sprint)


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