News Flash: LeBron James is amazing!

A Familiar Face at the top

This news shouldn’t be anything new. In the odd worlds of using a player’s jewelry to define their legacy, sometimes a player’s actual performance gets lost. There is a lot to make fun of about LeBron, including the decision and his hairline. That said, it’s hard to debate he’s an amazing player. Something truly remarkable is LeBron’s great games so far in the playoffs.

Wins Produced breaks down how a player’s stats translate into wins. This can be confusing for individual games. Arturo decided to take a step back and translate wins into points, more specifically the edge any player gives their team. An average player would have a Points over Par (PoP) of 0.0. They’re not helping you but they’re not hurting you. For reference here’s the scale:

  • Average Player: PoP +0.0
  • Star: PoP +2.5
  • Super Star: PoP +5.0

A superstar gives your team a five point edge being on the court. With this scale in hand let’s point something out. LeBron James has played 10 playoff games so far this season. In 4 of them, he’s put up a PoP of +10!

Date Opponent Pos MP PoP/48 PoP
 4/28  vs. Knicks 3.7 31.7 +22.3 +14.7
 5/20  @Pacers 3.8 43.9 +13.2 +12.1
 5/13  vs. Pacers 3.5 43.2 +12.7 +11.4
 5/22 vs. Pacers 3.8 38.1 +13.7 +10.9

LeBron’s playoff performances this season have been great. On a scale where +5.0 is good, LeBron is off the charts! The key ingredients tend to be home games where he plays bigger. Both Indiana and Boston/Philadelphia should be very afraid.


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