How being a sports fan is normal, even in politics

Our esteemed General Manager David Berri has posted another fantastic piece at the Freakonomics blog:

Are Voters Just Rooting for Clothes?

When we talk sports, a knee-jerk reaction is that our conclusions don’t matter. After all, sports are just for fun and entertainment. When Dave looked into the research done on political parties though, well we saw many similar stories. Voters view of the government changes drastically based on who is in office. In fact, the very view of the control that government even has (e.g. gas prices) changes for voters of political parties based on the party of the president!

This is very much like what we see in sports. If Kobe is on your team then he is a clutch shooter that creates his own shot. If he is not on your team then he is a ball hog and a chucker. If LeBron James plays for the Cavaliers then Cleveland fans think he is the best thing since sliced bread. If he decides to go elsewhere then he is a terrible human being. Voters and sports fans have much in common. The behavior we see in sports fans doesn’t disappear when the issue stops being for fun or entertainment. So next time you find yourself voting for something, ask yourself if you’re behind the issue or just rooting for your team.


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