LeBron’s game was the best no-tomorrow win of all time

LeBron’s game last night was amazing. With a stat line of 45-15-5, LeBron’s performance is the third best so far in the playoffs. The top two spots for reference belong to Rajon Rondo. With that said, I have to say LeBron’s performance last night was the best individual game so far. After all, this was a must-win because there was no tomorrow game. Jordan’s clutch shot to beat the Jazz in his should have been farewell season wasn’t as impressive as you think. First, it was his second attempt at a clutch victory shot. Second, if he had missed the Bulls had another shot to win. In LeBron’s case they would go home if he didn’t deliver and he did. I asked Miami Heat expert Alfredo Arteaga (@uptownreport) of Heatfreak.com his opinion on where this game ranked in terms of the top 10 must win games of all time in the playoffs. He was kind enough to give me his top ten list actually.

1. LeBron James — June 7th 2012 – 45-15- 5 holds off elimination from Boston in game 6 of ECF
2. Wilt Chamberlain — April 16th 1964 – 39 points wins game 7 of Western Division finals
3-10. Don’t matter because there’s almost a 50 year gap between 1 and 2

Hope you enjoyed the list!


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