Wages of Wins Podcast: Vivek talks the Nets


June 9th 2012 – Vivek Talks Nets

The Wages of Wins podcast is back again. We’re trying out a new format that hopefully supports us talking on a more regular basis. You can also:

Talking bout the Nets

The Brooklyn Nets were one of the least popular teams in the league last season, despite being in a big market. We addressed some key questions about what needs to happen next season.

What to do with Brook Lopez?

Ideally he should be let go or traded. Vivek is worried about a long term expensive contract. The confusing part is he used to be good!

Do the Nets have a shot at getting Dwight Howard?

The Nets can’t really compete package wise with either Los Angeles team for Dwight. The hope is Dwight wants to only play there.

“I feel like NBA GMs value lottery picks more than they value [Gerald] Wallace.” – Sad words but true.

What’s up with Deron?

In Utah he was a star with better team mates. He’s been taking bad shots in New Jersey. Would a good secondary option help? The Nets may end up looking better than Dallas come time for Deron to re-sign.

Humphries or Ilyasova?

Kris Humphries has been good the last two seasons. However, Ersan Ilyasova had a great last season and may be underrated because teams look at totals instead of per-minute.

What’s the outlook for the draft and the future?

Vivek says the Nets could maybe do some decent moves (Andrei Kirilenko, Ilyasova) and maybe get back to the playoffs. If they luck into Dwight they could be a contender.

His hope draft wise could be huge. The Nets could possibly buy the Warriors 30th pickthe best value pick in the draft — and draft Jae Crowder! That would certainly make them popular at this site.

Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next week.


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