Underrated Draft Prospects: William Mosley

Editor’s Note: Great minds think alike and some post faster than others. Posting and Toasting made a great post on William Mosley a day earlier than us! You can check it out here: http://www.postingandtoasting.com/2012/6/9/3075758/know-the-prospect-william-mosley

As you’ve noticed we’ve changed this series from “The Search for the Next Jeremy Lin” to “Underrated Draft Prospects” With how the NBA works that in a year or two no one may remember Jeremy Lin. We’ll hopefully be doing this kind of post for years to come.

In the previous installments of this series of posts, I’ve argued for Jesse Sanders, Marcus Denmon, C.J. McCollum, Jae Crowder, and Kevin Jones. This time I’m arguing for William Mosley.

William Mosley

No, I’m not talking about the teen heartthrob. He spells his last name m-o-s-E-l-e-y. So if you’re a twelve year old girl, you’re probably in the wrong place.

I’m talking about the shot-blocking legend from Northwestern State. This guy blocked more shots in his career than all but two players since 1998-99. He also grabbed more offensive rebounds than all but seven guys in the last three years. Let’s compare him to his peers. The following table represents per-40 stats by the average college center (Mosley’s position in college), the power forwards in Draft Express’s Top 100 Prospects (Mosley would probably play PF in the NBA), and Mosley himself:

Mosley’s Stats vs. Average NCAA Center and Top 100 Draft Express Power Forwards. All Stats are per 40 minute.

Player Avg C DE Top 100 PF William Mosley
effective Field Goal % 0.516 0.550 0.608
True Shooting % 0.549 0.583 0.672
3 Point Shooting % 0.331 0.367 0.000
Free Throw % 0.637 0.674 0.459
Offensive Rebounds 3.20 3.48 4.58
Defensive Rebounds 5.70 7.99 8.26
Total Rebounds 8.90 11.47 12.84
Assists 1.34 2.12 1.27
Steals 0.96 1.32 1.91
Blocks 1.56 1.82 5.30
Turnovers 2.54 2.69 1.65
Personal Fouls 4.77 3.10 3.52
Points! 13.22 18.96 15.81
Win Score 4.42 8.88 12.33

Aside from being a phenomenal shot-blocker, Mosley also excelled at shooting efficiently, rebounding, and taking care of the basketball. His free throw shooting is suspect, and his offensive ability is a question mark. Sound like anyone? I’m not making that comparison yet, and despite Mosley’s four year domination of the Southland Conference, there are some significant issues with his game; after all, he’s not even on anyone’s draft radar. First, he is significantly undersized. And unlike Jae Crowder, Mosley can’t play small forward. Again, size certainly isn’t everything. Rodman, Barkley, Faried, et al. can attest to that. But it’s difficult to know how a small, albeit dominant, center in the Southland conference will perform in the NBA. Still, my research (in its earliest stages) suggests that shot blocking translates from college to NBA better than any other stat. Also, good rebounders are generally good rebounders, no matter what stage of play. And Mosley’s numbers are staggering and have been for years.

The bottom line: this isn’t a guy I would take in the lottery, and maybe not even the first round. But I would certainly give him a look with a late pick; he could be someone who could significantly help any team. And you never know, maybe you get lucky and he turns out to be the next Ben Wallace.

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