Will Shane Battier win Finals MVP?

Two games down. The series is all tied up. Fans of both teams sit with baited breath to see who will emerge the victor. The reserved fan will wisely wait to see what happens. The more boisterous fan though, might just decide to crown the Finals MVP, albeit prematurely. That leaves us to ask, if the series ended today, who would the Finals MVP be? It’s no surprise that from the Thunder the MVP is Kevin Durant.

From the the Heat the Finals MVP if things stay as they are? Well, by the numbers Shane Battier has been the Heat’s best player!

Possible 2012 Finals MVPs

Stat Kevin Durant Shane Battier
Minutes 42.2 41.8
PoP +4.5 +5.7
Assists 0.5 2.5
Blocks 1.0 0.0
Free Throws 6.0 0.5
Free Throw Attempts 7.5 1.0
Offensive Rebounds 0.5 1.0
Defensive Rebounds 5.0 1.5
Personal Fouls 3.5 3.0
Steals 1.0 0.5
Three Pointers  4.0  4.5 
Three Point Attempts  9.0  6.5 
Two Pointers  8.0  1.5 
Two Pointer Attempts  12.0  2.0 
Turnovers  2.0  0.0 
Points!  29.5  17.0 

Both Battier and Durant are powered by the same thing: their amazing offense! In fact, that’s about all they’ve got. Durant is a high usage but highly effective scorer. Battier has been a dagger from three point range. Both have also made sure not to turn the ball over. Will they keep this up? We’ll have to see. I’m almost positive Battier has no shot at winning the Finals MVP by vote. If he wins by the numbers though, I assure you that would make my day. We’ll have to find out.


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