Wages of Wins Podcast: Dre talks the Nuggets

We have another podcast for you! This time Vivek asks me my thoughts on the Nuggets. You can listen with the playlist above. You can also

How bad of a coach is George Karl?

The short answer is bad. The long answer is well….bad (see here, here and here)

How did the Nuggets know to draft Kenneth Faried

The Nuggets know what they’re doing draft wise. See Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried. There bigger problem is they kept trading away their draft picks. (Kenyon Martin and Allen Iverson cost the Nuggets five first round picks) Their other problem is that Karl doesn’t like playing their good draft picks.

What do I think of Masai Ujiri?

I did get a chance to meet Masai at Sloan. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the front office moves since he’s taken over.

Why haven’t the Nuggets had more success post Melo?

The first point I made is that the Denver Nuggets played remarkably well after Melo left. Devin broke down some of why that was. George Karl hasn’t handled post-season rotations well and it turns out injuries matter

What should the Nuggets do in the draft and free agency?

I’d really like Jae Crowder or Will Barton. Ideally the Nuggets would get a big man but I’m not sure if one is in the draft. I’m not sure if McGee will be worth the contract he wants. We’ll have to see if they can get one. They should let Andre Miller walk and pick up Rudy Fernandez‘s option.

Jason Kidd tangent

Our “10 minute format” went over because I like to talk. We went even more over because Vivek is a Nets fan and I brought up Jason Kidd. My basic point is that teams that have superstars demanding trades should avoid doing anything stupid. Vivek’s counter? Teams that have superstars demanding trades are in that spot because they do stupid things!

Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll talk next week!

-Dre and Vivek