Wages of Wins podcast – Harden is better than Durant

Mad apologies for some technical difficulties. We’ll need to get Arturo a better microphone. Even with some software correction I couldn’t quite change the fact that his volume bounces all over the place. We’ll work on it for next time.

We have another podcast for you! This time Arturo talks the NBA finals and Boston

 Who will win the 2012 NBA finals?

Arturo has been competing in the Truehoop Stat Geek Smackdown. He predicts and holds to Miami in 5 games.

Arturo got burned by trusting George Karl to not make bad decisions. He then took a chance on Boston as a possible upset (his first choice was what actually what happend  – Miami in 7) and was burned again.

We had a nice long conversation recapping the playoffs in case you’ve been out for the last two months. Here are Arturo’s picks as a reminder

 Who will win the 2012 NBA Finals MVP?

Shane Battier might have a case. Arturo says it goes to LeBron James takes it hands down though. That’s not a surprise as he’s pretty much amazing and as Arturo has explained – he’s Miami’s best big.

Will the Thunder be the next Chicago Bulls or will they be another Orlando Magic?

The Thunder have drafted well (or drafted lucky) but may be focusing on the wrong guys. Arturo calls Russell Westbrook a “Bizarro Rajon Rondo“. He looks good but as Michael Schwartz at Valley of the Suns brings up:

At the same time, the talent is tantalizing enough to think long and hard about him, but if Billy Beane taught us anything it’s not to pick the guy who looks best in a uniform but doesn’t put up numbers.

Arturo’s answer is that he thinks the Thunder all fall apart if they ditch James Harden, who is their best player. Yes, Arturo said this and stuck to it. I said we need to make Arturo post on this.

Is it good for the NBA to have a team in Oklahoma City?

Arturo and Devin reviewed which markets could support sports teams a while back. Arturo says that Oklahoma City can support a team but they might be better for the league in a bigger market. Despite David Stern’s comments that smaller market teams might be better locations for NBA teams, Arturo disagrees.

What should Boston do in the offseason?

Sorry, here is where Arturo’s audio really falls apart.

Arturo is hoping Jared Sullinger falls far enough for the Celtics. Omer Asik from Chicago could be a good pickup as well. Arturo says the Celtics should re-sign Garnett if he’s reasonable and let Ray Allen walk.

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