Finals MVP? Not Skip Bayless

There’s an absolute gem of a video over at ESPN – Mark Cuban eviscerates Bayless
This may be my favorite clip to come as the result of the finals. I just want to draw your attention to the most insane line I think I’ve ever heard an analyst say:

For a fact and Stephen A. can validate this. LeBron James listened to what I said, for about what, about eight years? Because that’s all I heard. He said I was his Howard Cosell. And this year, for the first time, to his credit he tuned out all the noise. That’s all we saw in the finals was — He’s reading the Hunger Games Trilogy before the games; he’s meditating on the bench before the games. – Skip Bayless

First, Skip Bayless implies his influence is so great that not only does it impact LeBron James, it’s all anyone brings up when they talk to him. Second, he’s claiming the reason Bron finally won a ring — he read the Hunger Games instead of listening to Skip Bayless. Priceless!


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