Wages of Wins Podcast: Mosi talks the Heat

Time for another Wages of Wins “10 minute podcast” where we have one of our analyst ask a basketball expert five questions. This week we’ll be talking the Heat and the 2012 Finals.

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June 23rd Mosi talks Heat

Time to party

While not quite as extreme as a $150,000 dollar party, Mosi has been celebrating hard, with only 90 minutes of sleep in 48 hours, a $30 dollar bottle of champagne and a HeatCast to boot

Where do LeBron James and Dwyane Wade rank all time after these finals?

Mosi made a top fifty list a few years back and also participated in a collaborative podcast about it where Marcus Camy was kicked off. LeBron was already on track to make that list and should be there now. Wade was a little further off. Bron should finish his career as top small forward of all time. The question with Wade is if he’s passed Clyde Drexler. Mosi thinks Wade has already passed Kobe Bryant as top two-guard. Kobe’s best vs. Wade’s best just don’t compare. We discussed game 5 in depth (see here and here for reference.)

How did you feel about Shane Battier’s finals performance?

Shane Battier played two amazing games to start out. Mosi pointed out that Shane Battier got worse as the series went on. We discussed why Battier was even picked up. I suggested it might be that he was overhyped by people like Michael Lewis. Mosi explained he thinks it’s because Battier is a Duke alumn and chums with Nick Arison. We ended with Mosi saying “I got nothing good to say about Shane Battier?”

What are your thoughts on the Cuban talk with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith?

Cuban took apart Bayless and Stephen A. Mosi said ESPN is all about entertainment (it is in the name) Mosi said they shouldn’t be considered a news organization. I’m inclined to agree despite some of the image they project.

 What is the state of the Heat sh** list?

Mosi maintains a list of haters to the Heat. I asked about its current status. Mosi said that LeBron decided to ditch the hate this year, so Mosi’s motivation waned. He hasn’t looked over it yet but predicts Bayless will make. We went back to Arturo a prominent member of Mosi’s list. Mosi and I gently called Boston a homer. Mosi actually wants Boston to improve in the offseason just so the Heat can have competition.

Westbrook vs. Chalmers?

Mosi is split mind. Westbrook helped win Mosi his fantasy league. On the other hand Mosi sponsors Mario Chalmers on Basketball-Reference. Based on college numbers Chalmers was the better pick. That said, Mosi says Westbrook is the better player and was playing better in the finals. We both agreed that Norris Cole is terrible.

Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time.



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