The NBA Geek on Orlando and Minnesota

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the NBA Geek? In a short year it’s become not only one of my favorite basketball sites but the first stop whenever I need to do stats analysis. This offseason Patrick has offered up some great analysis, I thought I’d share.

Minnesota wins at drafting?

David Kahn normally sparks anger on draft day. This season he managed to do well in the draft by not drafting! He traded for a productive player in the first round by trading his pick for Chase Budinger.

Patrick also breaks down draft day winners and losers. He lists New Orleans as a draft day loser and that’s even with them taking Anthony Davis. In fact Patrick lists 200 different things the Hornets could have done better than drafting Austin Rivers and trading away Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza for nothing. Among Patrick’s draft day winners: The Mavericks, the Spurs, the Bucks and the Magic.

Optimism in Orlando

Much like Patrick listed 200 ways the Hornets could have handled draft day better, Patrick offers 200 ways the Magic can handle Dwight Howard. In fact, most of these look favorable for Orlando. The gist is that the Magic should either trade Dwight now (Brooklyn, Houston and Dallas have appealing packages) or keep him for the season and play chicken with Howard at the end of the season. If Orlando can handle a New Jersey trade well and make sure to move Brook Lopez, then Patrick is confident enough to make a Dan Gilbert like claim – Orlando could win a title before Dwight.