Wages of Wins Podcast – Ken talks McDonalds (and Landry Fields)

Time for another Wages of Wins “10 minute podcast” (We almost hit 40 minutes) This week Ken and I discuss the Knicks, and the parallels between ESPN and McDonalds

Podcast and Podcasters

July 3rd 2012 – Ken talks McDonalds

Landry Fields offer sheet

Landry Fields was offered a three year deal for close to $21 million. Ken thinks it’s too high. I think it’s a bargain. Here’s a breakdown from Larry Coon on how Landry Fields’ contract can work out. Our disagreement on this entirely breaks down to if Fields’ contract was good or not. Here’s a good post on what makes good or bad contracts. Here’s a breakdown of contracts I say to go for:

  • Max contract for superstar players
  • Rookie contracts (particularly 20-30 in round 1)
  • Young players for below value (Fields is here)

Tangent: Melo has already surprised us a few times in his career. Heck, he coud be good. We’ve seen Melo show flashes of brilliance when he’s forced to play power forward.

How good is Jeremy Lin?

We like Lin around here and a key aspect that Ken likes is that he gets to the line…a lot. Ken also has a few less than kind words for those of you that are hating on Lin, you know who you are!

Tangent: I really don’t like PER. It’s a bad stat. Yes, this gets me riled. Ken makes the nice comparison that ESPN and PER are like McDonalds (which saved his life from a stomach parasite!)

Summing up

Our current podcast format has been five minutes and structure. With Ken it was more back and forth. It was quite fun. Ken says he’s now psyched about Landry Fields (if New York re-signs him) and he’ll hopefully be using The NBA Geek for his “one number” snapshots of players.


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