Wages of Wins podcast: Vivek and Dre talk free agency

Would I make Brooklyn a contender?

Time for another Wages of Wins “10 minute podcast” (We went over an hour) This week  Vivek and I talk the Nets and free agency.

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July 8th 2012 – Vivek and Dre talk free agency

How good can Brooklyn be?

Deron Williams had a bad season in New Jersey last season. Vivek has broken that down and part of that is worse shooting and more turnovers. He didn’t have a lot of support. Will Joe Johnson help fix that? I’m not a fan of the Joe Johnson trade. Vivek’s counter: if the Nets can get Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace and Dwight Howard (and Reggie Evans on the bench), what flexibility do they need?

Vivek says the Knicks and Nets may be the frontrunners for Marcus Camby.

The draft and the Nuggets

The Net and the Nuggets had a bad draft. The Nets, in fact, hit a landmine that James’ warned about. The Nuggets have moved some of their more stat friendly people out since Ujiri came in and it may be showing.

The Nuggets re-signing Andre Miller may not be a great move. He’s older and he’s taking minutes from better players.

The Hornets?

The Hornets are trying to copy the Lakers model of success: two really good big men (Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson) and a bad point guard (seriously the Lakers haven’t had good point guards!)

Ryan Anderson has only played well with Dwight Howard. Will he still be good? Also just throwing this out there: Jeff Green is getting a better contract than Ryan Anderson! No seriously, what does Jeff Green do well?

What happened to Brook Lopez?

Lopez keeps getting listed as a marquee trade piece. The numbers don’t support it. After his second year in the league Lopez stopped rebounding. Also, he started taking shots further away from the rim (2010 shooting vs. 2011 shooting here.)

Kevin Love wants a better team?

Vivek brought up that Kevin Love is threatening the Wolves if they don’t improve. I found this interesting. This may be the first offseason in a while that the Wolves are actually doing alright. If the Wolves can stay healthy, they should be a playoff contender.

The Knicks

Some oldies but goodies. Landry Fields is valuable to the Knicks and losing him will hurt. Melo is overrated.  Vivek says as a Nets fan, seeing Jason Kidd in a Knicks uniform will hurt.

Daryl Morey is not a good GM

I’ve been critical of Daryl Morey a few times (see here and here) Vivek and I basically talk about how Morey may not be a good GM. Vivek points out that Morey hoping for a star is not a good plan. “Stars like other stars and Houston has no stars” Another golden quote from Vivek “Currently Houston’s best player is Chandler Parsons

The Dallas Mavericks won the draft?

The Mavericks drafted Jae Crowder and have Drew Gordon in their summer league.  Both of these players are top 10 draft prospects from Arturo.

Kris Humphries is underrated and Dwight to Los Angeles?

The Cavaliers may luck out if the Nets and the Magic do a Dwight Howard trade the Cavaliers may get Kris Humphries. Kobe Bryant alledgedly told Dwight Howard that “He could be his Tyson Chandler

Alright, so we hit an hour. So much for the ten minute podcast huh? Hope you enjoy it!


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