Do the Orlando Magic owe Dwight Howard anything?

A subject that Vivek and I talked a lot about the Dwight Howard “impending trade” to Brooklyn(that will look really obvious or really silly soon) Part of why Dwight is expected to end up in Brooklyn is that is his preferred destination.  I saw the following Tweet from Tommy Beer on the issue:

This is an interesting point. After all, much like LeBron, Dwight has caused Orlando to endure theatrics and stress. The thing is that Dwight is paid to play basketball! More importantly, he’s paid to win basketball games. If we look at Howards’ eight years in Orlando he’s earned then 122 wins! Over the same time period, Orlando has paid Dwight Howard $83 million dollars. The “open market” value for a win is close to $2 million. This means that Orlando has “underpaid” Dwight by around $161 million. Even if we dropped the value of a win to $1 million (as most teams want to pay less than the open market value for wins) then Dwight is still owed around $40 million! The question I’ll posit is can Orlando claim that Dwight’s theatrics and complaining are worth $40-$161 million dollars? I doubt anyone would believe that.


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