The best All-NBA teams of all time!

In the last offseason, Dave rebuilt the Wins Produced Model. This was a good thing. However, this meant some older pieces we’d done had to be revisited.This offseason, I aim to fix that.

Let’s start with the All NBA Graph.

The premise is simple. Take every player for every year in the modern boxscore era (1978 – Present). Figure out their position on a game to game basis. Calculate their Wins Produced. The best at every position gets the nod. Put it in a pretty table.

That’s pretty isn’t it?

It’s also timely. Lebron James just took over the all time lead in consecutive years as the best at his position with his eight straight nod breaking a tie at seven with Larry Legend. All time, Lebron is tied for second with Barkley and Michael Jordan just one behind Magic and Stockton.

The King may just be about to kill that record.


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