All NBA 1978-2012 part 2: Minute men, the second and third teams

One of my goals for this offseason is to rebuild all the nifty tools, models and visualizations that we’ve done with the old Wins Produced Model with our new rebuilt the Wins Produced Model.

To that end, yesterday, I put up the All NBA graph.

The Graph is based on a simple premise. Take every player for every year in the modern boxscore era (1978 – Present). Figure out their position on a game to game basis. Calculate their total Wins Produced. The best at every position gets the nod. Put it in a pretty table (That’s still pretty awesome the day after).

You, the readers had some comments questions and requests. The first is how would it look if instead of taking total Wins Produced, I used Wins per 48 minutes and set a minute cap.

I guess I’m gonna have to do it again.

We get quite a bit more Rodman that way and AK-47. Lebron isn’t quite as dominant. Magic is even more ridiculous. Tyson Chandler solidifies himself as a franchise/championship big.

The other questions mostly centered about the missing. To that end I give you all the players who’ve made a 1st,2nd or 3rd team in either format and I made it alphabetical so you can easily find who you’re looking for.

Poster-style. For Grins and giggles, I added a point systems as well:

  • 10 pts for any first team selection (total wins or per 48 minutes)
  • 5 pts for any second team selection (total wins or per 48 minutes)
  • 1 pt for any third team selection (total wins or per 48 minutes)

Let’s give you the sorted top 50 as well:

Stockton really was the model of consistency and efficiency.

Please note your disagreements below in the comments.


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