Wages of Wins Podcast: Knicks vs. Nets with a touch of Linsanity

Time for not one by two Wages of Wins “10 minute podcasts”. Actually Dave’s is around five minutes and Vivek and i go for fifteen minutes but hey, it averages!

Dave talks Jeremy Lin on Bloomberg

Berri Discusses Lin’s Move From Knicks To Rockets.

Dave says Lin’s value was hard to assess, especially throwing in Jason Kidd. Dave makes sure to hit the point that both Patrick and myself made – Lin is not the only reason the Knicks would go over the cap. In regards to the Rockets, they’ve gotten worse. Lin helps mitigate that but he likely won’t them better.

Knicks vs. Nets

July 19th 2012 – Vivek and Dre talk Knicks vs. Nets 

Knicks vs. Nets, who wins in 7?

Vivek recently wrote a post looking at the state of the Nets vs. the Knicks. I wanted him to elaborate on a few points:

We talked a little bit about the difference in flexibility for the Nets vs. the Knicks. We also briefly toyed with the idea of an insane turnaround for Brook Lopez, or if he’s in the running for next year’s most overpaid.

The Eye Test

We expanded on my post about the eye test. Some brief expansion. Your eyes, when used with the proper tools and tests can help analyze basketball. Simple “watching the game” though does not on its own merit any value. Vivek has one of my favorite quotes ever in that regard

He’s a great player, if you just don’t look at the stats.

It’s really hard to notice small differences in stats. If we rely on just our eyes and not stats, we can get fooled. Vivek had some good analysis of the Warrior’s recent bad draft pick – He’s a taller version of Monta Ellis.

Dwight Howard

Vivek points out Dan Gilbert is a hypocrite. He was against Chris Paul going to Los Angeles, however, he is perfectly content for Dwight to go to Los Angeles, so long as he benefits. Also, Cleveland is the reason that Brooklyn couldn’t get Dwight but Vivek admits that the Los Angeles deal is better for them.

Hope you enjoyed it and we’ll talk to you next time.


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