Ads on NBA Jerseys: a Perspective

The NBA has been discussing the possibility of allowing ads on jerseys. A travesty right? After reading this I looked down at my shoes. I currently am sporting a pair of Nikes. I’ll be honest and say I purchased them because they were the only size 10 1/2 in wide available when I last went shoe shopping. I’ll also say I remember “Like Mike” commercials from my childhood, have seen Space Jam multiple times and watched the Bulls win their second title on a tiny 13 inch TV when I was younger. So, you be the judge if my buying tastes are potentially tainted.

Here’s a fun comparison I noticed. The Nike logo on my shoes measured about 3.5 inches by 1.25 inches (the best I could do with the random ruler in our office supply cabinet. Here’s the actual size of that:

The NBA is discussing putting 2 inch by 2 inch ads on jerseys. For perspective, here’s the actual size of that:

I am a little more pessimistic when it comes to alleged fan revolts. During each strike/lockout fans threaten to leave. Yet, they come back as soon as the ink is dry on a new CBA. While I don’t doubt you could change some of the aspects of basketball to possibly drive fans away, I don’t believe more ads would do that. Stadiums are plastered in ads. Nationally televised games have required stops for commercials. Popular players all have sponsors. Their shoes already have bigger ads than the ones they’re discussing! In the end when it comes to pleasing the fans or making money I’m pretty sure the NBA will side with the money. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself, would they threaten take away the game you love for a few million more dollars? (I am of course asking this the season right after a lockout shortened season)


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