Update to the Nets-Knicks post

Editor’s Note: Vivek, our resident Nets’ fan and East Coast expert did a quick rundown of how the teams in New York would fair a few weeks back. New York vs. Brooklyn¬†ended up in a Rocky like ending with the fight going either way. Unfortunately for Vivek the Knicks decided to change things around and so Vivek has kindly decided to add a post script to his original prediction.

After I killed the Knicks for letting Landry Fields go, turns out they made a smart move to prove me wrong. They just signed Ronnie Brewer to a one year deal, and for now, they’re indicating that they’re going to start him at SG as Landry Fields’ replacement.

(Numbers courtesy of The NBA Geek)

Brewer 1635 .180 6.1 13.4 4.7 2.1 6.8 4.1 1.7 0.6 2.1 1.9
Fields 1894 .170 6.7 14.7 5.6 1.5 7.0 4.3 2.6 0.4 2.0 2.5
Average SG 1229 .099 2.5 20.2 4.5 1.1 5.5 4.2 2.7 0.4 1.5 3.1
Brewer 42.7% 45.5% 27.5% 56.0% 44.8% 46.5% 13.1 2.0 1.02 2.9
Fields 46.0% 52.3% 25.6% 56.2% 49.0% 50.6% 13.0 3.1 1.13 3.5
Average SG 42.7% 46.2% 35.5% 79.7% 48.5% 52.5% 17.4 5.7 1.16 4.2

And that’s the thing. Brewer, throughout his career, has been just as good as Fields, if not better. That being said, Brewer is the complete antithesis to former starter J.R. Smith. He can’t shoot, but knows it. Instead he rebounds well, doesn’t turn the ball over, passes well, and gets steals. Not a bad bargain…

So if I have to change my prediction between the Nets and the Knicks (I predicted the Nets to win in 7 games), I would change it to Knicks in 7. As much as it hurts to say that, suddenly, the Knicks win the shooting guard matchup between Joe Johnson and Ronnie Brewer, and then subsequently win the 6th man matchup now that Smith is shifted to that role. The Nets really have to hope that Mirza Teletovic ends up being huge off of the bench and that Smith returns to being a bad player, otherwise, the cross river rivals hold the edge.

However, now that I swallowed my pride and got that out, I will add one more caveat to this matchup. Apparently, the Knicks have promised Raymond Felton a starting spot. If this is true, the Nets really hold a monster advantage at the point guard slot. For now, I’ll assume that they’ll start Jason Kidd, but if this information is true, then the Nets should be able to take the series. Either way, this should at least be solid debate fodder.


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